Capital Bikeshare Doings

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

By DowntownDC

Seeking another venue in which to place your ads? Look no further than Capital Bikeshare, the regional bikesharing program between the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and Arlington County. DDOT has issued an Invitation for Bids, a first step in allowing businesses to advertise on 128 Capital Bikeshare station map panels in DC. What you would be entitled to: exclusive rights to place ads on the DC map panels, except the four located on National Park Service (NPS) property. Capital Bikeshare has a few things going for it—strong brand recognition, equally strong approval ratings and plenty of pedestrian traffic near its bike stations. Interested? The Invitation for Bids and additional information are posted online.

While we’re on the subject of Capital Bikeshare, here’s a tidbit for you: members of the bikesharing program save an average of $891 per year and collectively reduce their driving miles by 5 million per year. These are just some of the findings from a recent report based on an annual survey of Capital Bikeshare members. The report contains details about how people use the system to get around in DC and Arlington, the program’s impact, and user satisfaction. Read the report and other data about the bikesharing system.