Change of Plans

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

By DowntownDC


Remember those “red top” meters that the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) began installing earlier this year to reserve metered parking for the disabled community in select locations in the Central Business District, including the DowntownDC BID area? Well, the enforcement rules have changed, although disabled persons will still be able to park for twice the time in those metered spaces. This month, the DC Council passed 90-day emergency legislation to temporarily halt DDOT’s enforcement protocol. Originally, an “all must pay policy” was adopted and motorists parking at the meters without a valid disabled placard or license plate were going to be ticketed or towed beginning March 1 (the date was later pushed to May 1). Now, vehicles displaying a valid disability placard or license plate can park at all meters without paying but can’t do so indefinitely. Also, motorists who fail to display a valid disability placard or license tags can park at any metered space, including “red top” ones, but must pay the meter rate. Questions? Call DDOT’s customer service line at 202.673.6813.

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