Discover the DowntownDC BID's 2015 Annual Report and Website

Thursday, April 14, 2016

By Crystal Evans

The DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID) invites you to view our new, streamlined fiscal year 2015 annual report and its accompanying website.

As in years past, this report provides the BID's FY 15 financial reports and internal operations and updates on program areas: Communications, Economic Development, Homelessness, Infrastructure and Sustainability, Operations, Public Space Management. More than half of the BID's budget (52 percent in FY 15) continues to be spent on "clean and safe" operations. 

Highlights from the past fiscal year include the implementation of new technologies for the BID's Safety/Hospitality and Maintance (SAM) employees, the development of a tree box maintenance program, the creation of a financing plan for the redevelopment of Franklin Park, the utilization of pedestrian counters, doubling the number of bike racks in Downtown, increasing trash cans and more, some of which was accomplished by working with the city and additional local partners and contractors.

The report also identifies an immediate path forward for the organization.

"The Downtown Business Improvement District, since its founding in 1997, has played an integral role in the economic vitality and development efforts of DowntownDC by keeping the streets clean and safe for all who work, live and play here," BID President and Executive Director Neil Albert writes in the report's letter to stakeholders. "In the immediate months and years ahead, the BID will be refocusing on its core values of 'clean and safe.' Additionally, the BID will be immediately supporting efforts to find and secure a Downtown location for a daytime homeless services center..." 

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