Small Parks

In several cases, the care of a small park has been undertaken by the adjacent property owner through a partnership agreement with the National Park Service.  Within these agreements, the property owner agrees to maintain the park on behalf of the National Park Service.  The agreements can also include the option for enhanced plantings or other improvements.

These partnership agreements provide property owners with an opportunity to enhance the open space adjacent to their building.  The Downtown BID can assist interested properties in working with the National Park Service to improve these small parks.  For more information on partnership agreements, please contact   

National Park Service and the Downtown BID

The Downtown BID has a general partnership agreement with the National Park Service.  This agreement, in place since 2007, enables the Downtown BID to supplement National Park Service trash collection, cleaning, and landscaping services within National Park Service parks.  It also allows the Downtown BID and National Park Service to plan for park improvements together, as with Franklin Park and Reservation 72 (Chinatown Park).